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Archirodon is a renowned International Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) contractor committed to helping its clients build a world with a sustainable futu- re. Archirodon operates in various countries across 3 continents with significant pres- ence in the Middle East, Africa, the CIS countries and Europe. Archirodon’s diversified expertise covers complex EPC works in the sectors of: Energy & Renewables, Marine & Infrastructure, Dredging & Pipe Laying and Governmental Infrastructure. With a strong focus on innovation and excellence, Archirodon has a remarkable track record of suc- cessfully executing large-scale projects worldwide, such as Khalifa Port in Abu Dabi, Doha Metro Red Line in South Qatar, Salalah Port in Oman, Ras Al-Khair Desalination Plant in Jubail Saudi Arabia, The Palm Jumeirah in Dubai, the Shoaiba Power Plant in Makkah Saudi Arabia and many more, contributing to the development of infrastruc- ture globally.

Archirodon partnered with Umobit to create an exceptional online presence. This case study highlights the collaboration between Archirodon and Umobit, detailing the task, approach, and outstanding results achieved through the design and development of Archirodon's new website.

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The Task

Umobit was entrusted with the crucial task of designing and developing a state-of-the- art website that effectively represented Archirodon's capabilities, showcased their ex- tensive portfolio of projects, and provided an engaging user experience. The goal was to create a platform that would serve as a valuable resource for Archirodon's clients, partners, and potential employees.

ARCHIRODON website by Umobit Creative Agency Athens


The Approach

Umobit approached the project with meticulous attention to detail, taking into account Archirodon's branding, objectives, and target audience. Extensive research and collab- oration with Archirodon's team were conducted to gain a comprehensive understand- ing of their unique requirements. Umobit's experienced designers and developers combined their expertise in user experience (UX), user interface (UI), and web tech- nologies to create an innovative and intuitive website.

The design phase involved creating a visually appealing interface with clever widgets and friendly web tools, ensuring ease of navigation for visitors. Collaboratively, Umobit and Archirodon determined the key functionalities required, including a projects sec- tion, interactive elements, map functionality, and seamless integration with other sys- tems and applications.

ARCHIRODON Project Approach by Umobit AE Digital Agency in Athens


The Result

The result of Umobit's collaboration with Archirodon is a cutting-edge website that sur- passes expectations. The new Archirodon website provides a seamless and immersive user experience, enabling visitors to explore the company's capabilities, extensive portfolio of projects, and services. The design showcases Archirodon's expertise and achievements in a visually captivating manner.

The website features an intuitive user interface with cleverly designed widgets and tools, ensuring quick and efficient access to relevant information. The projects section enables users to filter and explore Archirodon's notable projects by region, sector, and year, providing a comprehensive overview of their successful undertakings. Furthermore, the website incorporates smart applications, automations, and CTAs, streamlining workflows and enhancing user engagement. The integration of a dynamic map functionality allows users to visually explore the global reach of Archirodon's projects.

In conclusion, Umobit's partnership with Archirodon resulted in the successful design and development of a state-of-the-art website that truly represents Archirodon's capa- bilities, commitment to excellence, and global presence. The collaboration between Archirodon and Umobit exemplifies the power of combining expertise and innovation to deliver outstanding digital solutions.