We believe our extended and differentiated clientele and our repeat business are proof positive of our commitment to delivering outstanding results for our clients. Simply talk to any member of our team or any of our clients and you will quickly sense that something is different at umobit.

Umobit Digital Agency Athens - Strategic Planning Service


Defining a clear strategy is the bedrock of any project or relationship we get involved in. Whether you are a multinational enterprise or a startup at your pitching stage, this is when we define the direction and set the ground we need to innovate and reimagine your digital world, delivering tangible results and the means to measure their success.

We design strategy around who you are and what you need. Through a blend of consultation meetings, research and discovery led by our team of UX, Creative and Technical people we turn the brief into a story that we can deliver on.

User Interface & User experience (UI & UX)

Your site or your mobile application is your company and product’s projection. It has to have clear, easy-to-use signposts and engage customers on an emotional level. UX is the design process, which helps us identify how customers will live better with your site/application.

Their pathways, their thoughts matter and we are there to factor these actions into the design of your digital projection. Your site not only needs to communicate your message effectively, and allow customers to quickly connect to your services or products, but to also stand out from your competition. Don’t worry, we are here.

From website to mobile application and newsletter campaign, our team of expert UI & UX designers will make sure the experience is captivating and intuitive.

Umobit Digital Agency Athens - Strategic Planning Service


We develop full end-to-end build capabilities for a variety of application platforms and devices, including desktop websites, tablet and mobile devices. We provide full back-end architecture and development services for rich internet or mobile applications.

Our man-decades of experience in ASP .Net development make it our strongest area of expertise and the basis of our development value-added services.

We can analyze, consolidate and integrate complex IT systems using a variety of secure and scalable tactics, including 3rd party middleware platforms, message queues, XML web services or JSON REST services.

Content Management

Is your site just launched? Hurray! This is where the real tough work starts. Keeping your content up to date and getting your daily tasks done may sound like a lot. We can take good care of your content management for you. You just get your business going.

Our team of expert content managers and designers shapes your content in the best suitable format to provide a smooth and intriguing experience for your visitors. We know timing is critical so we make sure your content is checked and online in no time.

Umobit Digital Agency Athens - Strategic Planning Service
Umobit Digital Agency Athens - Strategic Planning Service


Today search engine optimization is much more than simply understanding the ever-changing landscape of ranking factors which influence Google’s results every year. It all has to do with knowing what information people really want when they search, the devices they browse with and their geographical location.

Most importantly, search engine optimization is about helping shape the quality user experience on the destination pages where people land on when they click on a search result.