A new group website serving 13 countries!

About Sarantis Group

Sarantis Group, is a multinational consumer products company having a dominant presence in Eastern Europe through its own subsidiaries and strong export activity worldwide. The company, based in Athens, Greece, exports in more than 50 countries, having doubled its financial size in the last decade.

Strategy, UI-UX,
Mobile First Design & Development


The Task

Due to the fact that Sarantis Group has a vast portfolio of over 100 brands and operates through 12 subsidiaries in Europe, it was of crucial importance to showcase its broad range of activities and corporate excellence, in a meaningful & user friendly way.

Umobit was assigned with the challenging task of incorporating 14 regional sites and numerous brands, under one global entity, which at the same time would manifest the group's values, its investor relations services and sustainability strategy.

Sarantis Investor Relations site by Umobit Creative Agency Athens


The Approach

Umobit, having a long and successful track record in designing and implementing large scale corporate websites, strategized and developed a clear design philosophy with a powerful system architecture to support it.

Our main purpose was to create a platform that could serve diverse stakeholders in different places of the world (shareholders, potential business partners, retailers, shoppers, institutional organizations etc.), in the best way possible. Thus, the visitor, depending on his/her interest, should be easily navigated while keeping track of his/her session.

Brands are aggregated and can be accessed with a fully functional search and filtering mechanism, while each brand page features multimedia, graphics and other info to help boost user engagement.

Sarantis Project Approach by Umobit AE Digital Agency in Athens


The Result

Our team work and Goal-oriented mindset; to be successful and surpass expectations was the cornerstone for the actual result. We created a user friendly, optimised, flexible and appealing to the eye website, presenting consistency throughout the site and matching the brand’s status. We created a prominent and simple menu with Clear and thoughtful communication for the user, structured to serve consumer’s needs while also based the whole design on user’s experience (UX) best practices.

Sarantis group’s ethos, assets and vast array of product lines were demonstrated in a way to reflect their massive market impact, potential and future direction. The company’ s strong brand identity and market leadership is clearly perceived by the user, while sections like Investor Relations and Sustainability were enhanced significantly for the benefit of the ever increasing social awareness of the company.