User Experience Strategy for a company with universal character

About Mytilineos

MYTILINEOS est 1908, is a leading global industrial and energy company with a strong presence in all five continents. The company operates Four Business Units, the Power & Gas BU, the Metallurgy BU, the Renewables & Storage Development BU and the Sustainable Engineering Solutions BU. It abides by an “innovate, not follow” approach to design and remain quality conscious. MYTILINEOS is now a multi-billion corporation and continues to grow in more than 30 countries, with more than 3,600 direct and indirect employees in Greece and abroad. Sustainable Development is a top priority for MYTILINEOS. Through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), MYTILINEOS expresses its continuous commitment to Sustainable Development.

Strategy, UI - UX Design
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The Task

While evaluating MYTILINEOS previous website the main challenge was to improve a website that was overall user friendly with an easy and engaging navigation while widely considered a market benchmark. The drive for the new website was to reflect and fully align with the company’s growth and sustainable character as well as the unification of all services. Our efforts focused on the MYTILINEOS website to be a fair representation of the company’s leading role, universal character and cutting edge offerings.

Mytilineos Group - by Umobit


The Approach

Our approach during the design phase was to craft a fully functional, yet simplistic website that serves each of its users and remains engaging. We wanted to demonstrate MYTILINEOS’s ingenuity with an equally innovative site that reinstates the dominance MYTILINEOS has in the markets in which it operates, all while simply and directly presenting the visitor with what they’re looking for.

Having developed the predecessor website for Mytilineos, the umobit team had access to valuable information and data which we used to set up the User Experience strategy phase. We know the most important aspect is not to deviate from the users expectations. Keeping the user personas in mind, we were able to define and structure the site navigation in a more intuitive way, allowing users to easily locate what they are searching for, with the minimum amount of clicks.


The Result

For us at Umobit, redesigning Mytilineos website was a great opportunity to provide a pixel perfect website, emphasising on user experience. The company’s strong brand identity, was seamlessly implemented into their web presence with the new website being fresh, with a clean, and more minimalistic look through increased imagery and an intuitive interface.

The company’s international presence is clearly depicted through an interactive map, while Investors’ Relationships section was enhanced with new functionality, providing a clear view of the company’s profile and achievements. A series of mechanisms and CTAs were added to enhance user experience, allowing for fast and intuitive access to crucial company financial information.