Arval BNP Paribas


Strategy / UI / UX / SEO / Social Media Marketing


About Arval BNP Paribas

Founded in 1989 and fully owned by BNP Paribas, Arval is the leading company in Europe around vehicle leasing. The company is renowned for offering tailored leasing solutions that optimise mobility and manage and optimise any processes and risks associated with fleet management. Arval’s total leased fleet adds up to 1.381.555 vehicles, in 30 countries.

Strategy, UI/UX, SEO, Social Media Marketing


The Task

Due to the high competitiveness of the leasing industry in Greece, Arval Hellas was in need of strategic insights concerning its online presence. That should include internal audits, analysis of the environment and a strategic digital roadmap. Umobit was responsible for examining Arval’s assets and providing them with valuable information and directives.

At the same time Arval was in front of a major website migration, revealing both threats and opportunities that had to be managed on our side.

Arval website by Umobit Creative Agency Athens


The Approach

In order for our team to assess Arval’s growth status, we conducted audits around SEO, UX and Content, as well as a detailed mapping around the company’s business and competition. Among others, hundreds of keywords were explored leading to new website content and strategic content pillars.

During the website migration the updated SEO optimised content was integrated, while at the same time our team worked on page interlinking in order to enhance user experience.

Arval Project Approach by Umobit AE Digital Agency in Athens


The Result

In 6 months the optimized content led to significant SEO performance for Arval. The website started ranking for more than 100 highly valuable keywords, while organic traffic increased by 28%, in a time when the rest of the industry suffered a severe decrease due to the impact of COVID-19 in operational leasing.