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ASPROFOS est. in 1983 and member of HELLENIC PETROLEUM Group (HELPE) is a leading global energy infrastructure company, involved in the majority of large energy projects in Greece and numerous energy projects in 20 countries, in Balkan, Mediterranean and Middle East countries. The company operates in 5 Business Areas: Oil, Natural Gas, Environment, Power and Industry & Infrastructure carrying out pre-feasibility studies, basic engineering design, FEED, detailed engineering, technical consulting, project management, construction supervision, licensing & environmental services.

40 years of successful engineering and consulting experience are sustained by a management system, which is built on three pillars of excellence: Know-How, HSE and Synergies. The goal of continuously improving the company’s business performance is further supported by striving to strike a balance between technology, society and the environment, placing sustainable development at the core of their business-how.

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The Task

While evaluating ASPROFOS previous website the main challenge was to come up with a new website with a re-mastered usability and user experience design to create a memorable browsing experience for the site visitors. Umobit team focused on how to best showcase all 5 business areas of the company, all projects in all countries with their status and all services. Overall our scope and drive was to offer a new website representing the size, expertise, experience and global success of ASPROFOS. The new website had to reflect not only the company’s growth but ultimately the brand and its sustainable character and management system. So it was important to be both professional and visually appealing.

Moreover, our team was requested to perform a detailed SEO analysis, in order to optimize on-site performance and write compelling website copy.

ASPROFOSs website by Umobit Creative Agency Athens


The Approach

We presented all 5 business areas, the various services and thousands of projects of ASPROFOS with clear and easy access to each of that information separately via the menu but also aggregated in a single page, with a fully functional search and filtering mechanism, that doesn’t reload every time a filter changes.

A simple, effective navigation that helps the users find the information they’re looking for quickly and easily offering a seamless user journey was top priority. Some other major considerations were layout, visual hierarchy and color. Our team’s extensive experience and expertise in building websites for the energy sector was an asset for the UI/UX designing and the navigation structuring.

In the same time, detailed SEO audits took place, both on an industry and a competitor level and keyword pillars were formed, leading to respective on-site improvements.

The keywords research was very beneficial for the copywriting process as well. We focused on writing web pages that are optimized for search engines and users. In that sense, the goal was to write in a simple and direct yet professional manner encompassing the keywords and addressing all audiences of the company and maintaining the user’s interest to further read on and convert.

ASPROFOSs Project Approach by Umobit AE Digital Agency in Athens


The Result

A new, fresh and vivid website that values the user experience, adheres to mobile first international standards, optimizes the user journey and uses modern layout, attractive design, clean lines and colors that highlight the company's activities and reflect the corporate identity. The new website,, reveals the company's current image and portrays its power and global presence.

The interactive map of the projects by sector of activity, country and stage of development (, illustrates the company's international presence. This page, enables vue js technology, which is the most modern javascript framework in the front end part, making it extremely fast for the user to switch filters and get results in no-time, since the page doesn’t need to reload. Additionally, we created a prominent and simple menu with clear and thoughtful communication for the users, structured to serve their needs.

Overall, Umobit delivered a SEO optimized and powerful website that facilitated browsing and prompted user action with top notch content that has a “feeling” of the company and is engaging, relevant, informative and persuasive making sure visitors will be more likely to continue their journey and convert.