ELINOIL SA, also known as Elin, is a listed Greek company operating in various energy and fuel related industries. The company has a long history of responsible entrepreneurial presence and values that keep customer satisfaction in its core.

In 2019 Elin decided to enter the highly competitive, private energy supply sector. The company was facing a fractured market, with intense paid advertisement volumes in search engines and social media.

Website Development | SEO Optimization


The Task

Umobit was assigned with creating the corporate website for Energy Elin, in order for the company to promote its services and engage with potential and existing customers. The new website should feature state of the art UX & UI as well as high integration and security standards.

Moreover, our team was requested to perform a detailed SEO analysis, in order to optimize performance both on-site & off site.

ELINOILs website by Umobit Creative Agency Athens


The Approach

Our team, having built a strong expertise in building websites in the energy sector, came up with an intuitive design, offering a fresh and seamless user experience, while keeping ties with the other assets of ELINOIL.

Elin offers over 20 energy plans (electricity & natural gas), thus they had to be grouped and showcased in a unified way, but at the same time each plan had unique benefits that should be highlighted accordingly.

Finally, detailed SEO audits took place, both on an industry and a competitor level. Keyword pillars were formed, leading to respective on-site improvements.

ELINOILs Project Approach by Umobit AE Digital Agency in Athens


The Result

Umobit delivered a SEO optimized and powerful website that facilitated browsing and prompted user action. Although energy.elin was a new website in a highly competitive market, in a 6 month time it managed to reach the top 10 in the search engines’ organic results for over 40 strategic keywords.