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MSD Health News


The Task

We need a tool to share knowledge and make our products powerful.

MSD Health News is not just another website, but also a platform to educate staff and clients via e-learning, to offer services like myRep for patients who need their own Health Medical Advisor. A platform to track newsletters, landing pages and promotions.

Titan Project Task by Umobit AE Digital Agency in Athens


The Approach

Make it a tool. Offer services like never before. Educate your staff and clients. Make information easy.

Make it repeatable. Satisfy the eye. Enjoy the "stay" and visit us again and again. This project makes messages transparent and timeless.

Make it easy to navigate. Horizontal menu is the most intuitive approach to navigate throughout a website, everything is there, just a click away. Every page have simple actions, contact pages, products, news.

Make it easy to read. Our audience consists of regular users, so we require their minimum effort to enhance their experience.

Titan Project Approach by Umobit AE Digital Agency in Athens


The Result

MSD discovered new potentials. The ability to deliver information easy, to tackle any type of user. It has become a new platform to deliver e-learning, up to date medical information, newsletters, product landing pages and direct contact for their multi-channel activities.

The overall web experience dramatically increased user's involvement and satisfaction.