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The Task

Delivering valuable information on time and communicate company’s story in the most efficient way, is valuable for the stakeholders of Sarantis Group. Financial data comes great responsibility. This type of documentation is crucial for any company who's listed in the Stock Market.

Here in Umobit, one part of our every day job is to responsibly deliver correct and valuable information on time and, of course, always along with great design.

Sarantis Investor Relations site by Umobit Creative Agency Athens


The Approach

The challenge is to deliver legal documents and financial statements in an interesting, appealing approach, in line with company’s corporate identity. Umobit believes that true stories recount through UX.

How do you handle tons of information? With great user interface (UI). And how do you satisfy your visitors interactions? With great user experience (UX). UI/UX is important to present vast amounts of information and in parallel make it is easy-to-find, easy-to-use and easy-to-understand. While UX/UI are implemented, we support our client with emotional images and we use our own custom-made CMS to fit in all the information needed in an instant.

Sarantis Project Approach by Umobit AE Digital Agency in Athens


The Result

Visiting Sarantis Investor Relations website feels like you've been there before. Deja vu! The natural flow of website's structure and its perfect organisation makes it easy to understand. As the sonorous messages support Sarantis Brand Identity. Meanwhile Umobit Support team deliver all the necessary information according to Stock market laws.